10 Small Capital Clothing Business Tips For Beginners

10 Small Capital Clothing Business Tips For Beginners

10 Small Capital Clothing Business Tips For Beginners

The clothing business will always be growing. These 10 ways are my personal stories and experiences of friends. Equipped with 6 of the best-selling fashion business opportunities this year

As we know. Businesses with promising business opportunities always present intense competition. This is a problem in itself for beginners who want to start this business.

clothing business

Seeing this problem I will share 10 strategic steps and sequences to help those of you who are going to start this business.

Understand carefully these 10 ways. If you don’t understand, please read it again. I wrote this article carefully and in detail so that you can easily understand and practice it.

Small Capital Clothing Business

The key to the success of this business is to fully understand the goods you are selling and master the right marketing techniques. Here are the 10 steps.

Determine the type of clothing you will sell

Now please decide. Want to sell anything. Write down any ideas that come up for your clothing business.

There are countless ways to get ideas. The first way is to follow intuition. Sell ​​something you like and think is selling well. and make sure you determine the market first. For more info, please visit the official website here lcs2

The second way is to use data on the internet. Look at what items are in demand on the market. There are four ways to do this.

Type a name for the type of clothing, see how many times the item is seen. See also how many times the clothes were bought. Expensive items are usually seen by many people but rarely sell. You must be observant to see what is in demand.

Open an online shop for clothes or clothing, take a look at what is in demand. Take good care of these opportunities

Using google keyword planner. You just log in with a google account. Type in a keyword, and see the miracle, you will see very complete data. There are search data per month, and similar keywords. In my experience, this is the most complete data for the national market

Surfing on google trends. Google trends is where we find the keywords that are trending right now. Including about clothes

Study the types of clothes and types of materials

The types of fabric are different. The prices also vary. Especially if you decide to sell online. Do not let the buyer be disappointed because you describe the item incorrectly so that the clothes ordered are not what you want.

Looking for suppliers

Finding a supplier can be said to be tricky. Here our persistence, tenacity and care is indispensable.

Look for a supplier who is willing and able to explain in detail the type of clothing, and of course, is easy to contact.

There are suppliers who are difficult to work with. There are also suppliers who are easy to work with but they turn out to be expensive. You shouldn’t be in a rush to decide your clothing business partner.

Time to sell, start with dropship

The supplier is okay. There must be goods. Start from dropship.

Dropship is selling other people’s belongings. You are looking for a buyer, then a supplier who will deliver the goods.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you will focus on learning marketing, learning how to sell.

Invest for knowledge

Take your time to learn how to sell. If anyone recommends a good course, follow it.

This is very important. Even if you have good things, but you can’t afford to sell them, it’s useless.

In general there are 3 sources of visitors on the internet, namely: 1. Social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) 2. Search engines (google, yahoo, and bing) 3. Paid advertising (instagram ads, facebook ads, google ads)

Focus on just one. You are a master at Adwords, for example, your sales will definitely skyrocket. Invest in knowledge and focus.

Recruit employees, it’s time to enlarge the business

A few months after the effort, you will be overwhelmed by a flood of orders. Recruit employees to help you become customer service.

Employees are very important to do routine work. You can still focus on learning the latest techniques in bringing in visitors who will buy your product.

small capital clothing business

Opening an offline store (physical)

So the capital has been collected. It’s time for you to stock your own goods for the offine clothing business. Please open a shop.

Opening a shop takes an extra struggle. One year after opening a shop, you have to decide whether to focus online or also open an online store.

In opening a shop, location is very important. Don’t make a fancy-looking shop around a rather shabby market. You will not get any visitors.

Decide, own production or become a distributor

Often times, it’s cheaper to buy from a supplier than to produce it yourself. You can also save in terms of time. The brand that you sell is also the brand on the market.

However, there is nothing wrong if you want produce by yourself. Same as number 7. Analyze what happened then make the best decision.

Multiply your profits by opening a branch or dropship

You’ve been a dropshiper for someone else. The time is now for you to open up these business opportunities.

If you have an offline store, you can also open branches in other strategic locations. In my hometown, pati. There are 4 shops with the same name in 4 strategic locations in our city.

Fix it, fix it and fix it

In online business, quit or stable means to retreat. The number of people online is increasing, if your business does not increase, it means you are backing down.

Learn the latest techniques and keep growing your business. good luck